2 Years as Team Barker Party of 4

TWO Years of Team Barker Party of Four! 10.19.19-10.19.21
Our family’s story is suffering. It’s a gift we have been given to show the Glory of whom it is due.

Jesus did not die for our comfort. He died for His Glory. I believe that God entrusts us with gifts. And sometimes that gift is suffering and giving us the strength to show God off.

Have you ever stopped to think that pain is a gift? God created us to feel pain to know that something is going on in our bodies. How amazing is he? Physical pain, emotional pain, spiritual pain. Our pain prompts us to receive the help that God has provided for us. I choose to thank God for my pain. I thank Him that He created me to know when I need to seek help. Does that mean I enjoy the suffering or pain at all times? No. But, knowing that God will get the Glory for my pain and suffering outweighs the negative of these circumstances.

I choose that no matter the circumstance. No matter the mountain or valley. God is going to get ALL of my Glory.

Khalil Gibran said, “The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.” I have found this to be true.

“A steward is someone that is entrusted with someone else’s resources. God, according to His Grace, gives His children gifts. They are completely unearned. And the primary purpose of these gifts is to serve one another. He equips us to fulfill the role in the body of Christ that He has for us. And ultimately, it is for His glory!” – Preaching the Gospel to Yourself by Joanna Kimbrel and Stefanie Boyles

I loved this part of their study— I truly believe my gift of suffering and pain was given to me to use it ALL for God’s glory.

The gospel promises purpose in confusion and joy in suffering. When we understand the beauty of the gospel, no area of our lives can go untouched by the Hope and life that it brings.

The gospel gives meaning to laughter and tears, and transforms hard hearts and hard days.

The gospel allows us to be freed to love and serve God and others, not to earn our salvation, but as an outpouring of the grace that we have been given.

I stand on what He has already done.
His past faithfulness demands my present trust.

I have been loving the Maverick City Song-Refiner. It has been on replay for me.
“If the altar’s where you meet us
Take me there, take me there
What you need is just an offering
It’s right here, my life is here
And I’ll be a living sacrifice for you.

I wanna be tried by fire
You take whatever you desire
Lord here’s my life

Clean my hands, purify my heart
I wanna burn for you, only for You
Take my life as a sacrifice
I wanna burn for you, only for You

Burn me beautiful
Burn me lovely
Burn me righteous
Burn me holy”

Oh, how I desire this song to be the anthem of my life.

This picture only tells part of the story.
It shows that God has entrusted Reid and I with 2 beautiful, incredible, resilient boys who have unique dispositions, special gifts and divine purposes.

It shows you that there is a whole lot of LOVE in our family.

What it doesn’t tell you is where we struggle.
It doesn’t tell you the prayer requests that we entrust to our closest family and friends and counselors.

It doesn’t tell you the insanely beautiful chaos of this season.

It doesn’t tell you the thousands of different ways we desperately need Jesus.

It doesn’t tell you the difficult season of adoption and processing trauma and loss for all four of us. It doesn’t show you our counseling sessions and the way we desperately seek to make sure we are all growing + becoming healthy emotionally and spiritually.

It doesn’t tell you how our weaknesses put God’s strength on display.
It doesn’t tell you how much Reid and I rely on the strength of the Lord to guide us through each day and how we fully rely on the Holy Spirit to guide us as we guide these boys.

But by God’s beautiful grace—THIS.IS.US!
God’s faithfulness holds us together and is the firm foundation on which we choose to stand. And hopefully, HIS LOVE is the story our lives always tell. I pray we evangelize always with our actions and when necessary, use words.

We pray our Family Mission is lived out daily:
To always be obedient to what God calls us to. To use our gifts, our home, our money, and our time to serve, encourage, love and support each other and those around us all for the Glory of God.

Thank you, God for TWO beautiful years of Team Barker Party of Four! We are eager to begin year three together and be obedient to what you call us to while being devoted to what is right in front of us. 💙💙