A New Decade Begins

I am heading into a new decade today with an overwhelmingly grateful heart.

My twenties went nothing like I had planned. I’m so thankful that God’s plan is so much greater than I ever could have imagined.

When I think of my twenties, I first think of graduating from Baylor College of Dentistry and becoming a dental hygienist- my dream career! I then think of marrying the greatest man I know at 24 years old.

A lot of my late twenties I think of struggle and heartbreak. I think of sickness and trying to figure out our “new normal” and being an organ transplant recipient.

I think of a husband and family and friends who literally walked hand and hand with me through the darkest hours of my life.

Many dreams didn’t come true in my twenties. I could no longer travel to Africa safely. I didn’t get to start a family with my precious husband.

However, when I look back through the hard times of that decade, the most incredible gift that I was given in my twenties was the gift of life!

I will forever be grateful for the gift of life so selflessly granted to me by Courtney Ray Sterling and the grace of God. It truly makes me weep that I get to celebrate another year of life because of the gift of organ donation!
I pray I have made Courtney & God proud these last four years with the extra time they have given me on this Earth!

Two weeks ago, I faced another surgery. A complex cyst on my ovary lead to removal of the cyst and my ovary. I was absolutely dreading another surgery (6 major surgeries since I was 25 & many skin cancer removals in there too). Needless to say, it was dreadful for me. God spared me from ovarian cancer and I am so thankful for that.

I was able to go back to work this past Tuesday and I was overwhelmed by the fact that I GET to work! God provided me the strength to be healthy enough to get up, get ready for the day, to drive, and to work! THAT is a gift. We so often take for granted our everyday mundane days. I hate that sometimes it takes that gift being taken away for a while to remind us of the everyday provision that the Lord grants us!

“The soul knows a glory that the body cannot rob. In some ways, in some cases, the more the body revolts, the more the soul shines through.” -John Ortberg

I LOVED this quote. I cannot control my body and the many ways I feel like it has failed me and taken so much from me. But, the more it has and the more suffering I’ve endured, the joy of the Lord truly being my strength can shine through. I grow closer to Him, I desire and seek Him greater, I hear from Him, He teaches me… teaching me more recently that pain is a gift from Him.

This is the lane that God has me in. I desire to stay focused on my lane… running the race He has prepared just for me. I do not want anyone else’s story… I want HIS story for my life!

God, as I head into my 30’s, I will look back seeing you are faithful. I will look forward knowing you are able!

I am expectant of what my 30’s and this new decade will hold. I have dreams of becoming a Mommy through adoption and dreams of no more procedures and surgeries, & complete health with my organ transplant.

Dreams are good. But what I have learned is that EVEN IF none of these dreams are fulfilled, my God is still a GOOD, GOOD GOD!

My situations may change, but my God does not. He is sovereign. He is not surprised by the trials I will face or what joys and dreams will be granted to me.

I pray today that through whatever you may be walking through, that you will truly find JOY and your strength in God alone.

Cheers to the gift of life & starting a new decade today!