Letter to Moms

I have now written two letters that I would have NEVER dreamed of picking up a pen to write.

In 2014, I sat at our kitchen table mustering up enough strength to write a letter to the mother of my organ donor, Courtney. A letter to a mom who had lost her daughter in a tragic accident. A letter to a mom whose daughter saved my life. I prayed and prayed and prayed over this letter before dropping it off at the post office. God’s timing was perfect and Courtney’s mom received the letter at a time she desperately needed it. We have since developed a beautiful relationship formed through tragedy and trauma. For her, loosing her daughters and grandson, and for me acute illness that changed my life as I knew it. A mother whose family has given me LIFE!

Now in 2019, I sat at our kitchen table once again writing a letter to a mother. A mother who gave birth to my children, my precious sons. A mother who is so VERY selfless and did what was in the best interest of her boys! A letter letting her know that I will treasure, adore, care for, and provide for her sons all the days of my life.

Two moms. Two letters. A connection that is truly hard for me to explain. Relationships I never could have dreamed of asking for myself.

One mother gave me the gift of life through her daughters organ and another mother half way across the world who has given life to my sons and joy to my world.

Thank you, Lord for these courageous woman who have impacted my life in the MOST profound ways!